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DESSO Valve, the fast track valve portal dedicated to respond to your valve requirements.

ADESSO Valve, a fully licensed and fully certified source, offers custom made valves based on own technology with delivery times starting from 4 weeks.

ADESSO Valve, offers the most complete range in type, size, material and class. A hand picked team will dedicate itself to operate ADESSO Valve.

ADESSO Valve, products are designed, engineered and manufactured in Italy and Holland by ADESSO as such they are in accordance with the rules of API 6D, ANSI B 16.34, API 6A, PED, ISO 9001.

ADESSO Valve, combines the strength of both Italian and Dutch experience.

ADESSO Valve, represents a one stop opportunity for all state of the art valves in the full product range required WITH SHORT delivery times, including special and exotic materials, and special designs to suit clients requirements.

ADESSO Valve, European, Custom made valves, in all sizes, materials and types with delivery times from 4 weeks.

Please do explore our web site for additional information on our company, its
products and its abilities and please check all the features of our exciting program.


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